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With All Your Possessions: Jewish Ethics and Economic Life

With All Your Possessions: Jewish Ethics and Economic Life

In face of the age-old slander against Jewish business ethics, noted economist and rabbinic scholar Meir Tamari puts forth a rigorous defense of Jewish economy as a highly ethical system combining free-market practices with social welfare, competition with compassion. From the biblical story of Ruth to modern taxation responsa, With All Your Possessions demonstrates how the Jew’s economic life, attitude toward material assets, and mercantile conduct all reflect strict ethical principles. Detailing the history, laws, and customs of Jewish economic activity, Tamari presents an overview of the world’s oldest system of economics still in use – and the uncompromising moral code that underlies it.

  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 392 pages

Teach Them Diligently

The Personal Story of a Community Rabbi

Rabbi Berel Wein – rabbi and historian, writer and lecturer, kashrut supervisor and rosh yeshiva – looks back at the dramatic events of his life. From religious controversies and educational dilemmas, through challenges of community building and synagogue politics, to encounters with great rabbis and travels throughout the Jewish world, Rabbi Wein’s tale is one of Jewish leadership in twentieth-century America, at once highly public and deeply personal.

With great humor and disarming honesty, Teach Them Diligently tells the story of the trials and the triumphs, the struggles and the joys of a life devoted to Jewish community service.

  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages

Oriental Fitted Candlesticks

Oriental Fitted Candlesticks

These delicate candlesticks by Yair Emanuel can be used for Shabbat as well as to add some romance to an evening get together.

The yin-yang shape is natural and fluid, making the candlesticks look beautiful nestled together or apart. The candlesticks are decorated with a gorgeous oriental design.
These candlesticks are hand-painted with vivid and harmonious color and then lacquered to ensure that they are waterproof and that they will last for many evenings to come.
These pieces contain a brass candle insert and are completely functional and waterproof.
These candlesticks are the perfect gift for Jewish holidays, Shabbat, weddings, and for the new home.
4in x 2.7in x 1.6in

Kiddush Book - Rejoicing in Shabbat and the Holidays Gift Boxed Hebrew-English

Kiddush Book - Rejoicing in Shabbat and the Holidays Gift Boxed Hebrew-English

Great Gift Idea!

This colorful kiddush book contains kiddush, blessings, table ceremonies and songs for the Jewish home for Shabbat and all festivals of the year. Arranged in logical order and with explanations. Contains all of the different versions of Kiddush recited on each festival and comes in an elegant gift box to make a perfect gift.
Written in Hebrew text with English translation of facing pages. Lavishly illustrated by the renown artist Raphael Abecassis with a recommendation by the two last Chief Rabbis of Israel Meir Lau and Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron.

Pomegranates Travel Shabbat and Havdalah Set

Pomegranates Travel Shabbat and Havdalah Set

Even when you’re on the go, you can begin and end your Shabbat with a beautiful set that has everything you need for candle lighting, Kiddush, and Havdalah!

The pieces all fit together to make an easy travel friendly vessel. Once you arrive at your destination you can take it apart and enjoy your Shabbat! The bottom holds the Havdalah candle, the middle part is the Kiddush cup, and the upper part is the spice box, which when turned upside down doubles serves as candlesticks.

These beautiful pieces of art give a welcome burst of life and color to escorting the Shabbat Queen into the home (and even your home away from home) as well as to bringing in the new week. The ability to open and close your Shabbat with the same set and carry it with you wherever you go is sure to give more meaning and depth to the ritual.

The set features a colorful and cheerful design of pomegranates and grapes - classical Jewish decorative motifs. All of the pieces in the set are made of wood, painted in gorgeous vivid colors, and then lacquered to seal the paint and make the set completely waterproof.

What a wonderful way to make sure Shabbat stays with you wherever you are!

This is a great gift for family or friends that are always on the go!

My Rebbe

My Rebbe

When Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Chabad-Lubavitch consisted of a small group of Chasidim recovering from near annihilation in the Holocaust. During his forty years of leadership, Rabbi Schneerson transformed Chabad into a global movement marked by extensive outreach activities and a closeknit network of emissaries stationed around the world. His passionate devotion to education, social change, and acts of charity and kindness inspired countless people to embrace spirituality in their daily lives.

In My Rebbe, celebrated author and thinker Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz shares his firsthand account of this extraordinary individual who shaped the landscape of twentieth-century religious life. Written with the admiration of a close disciple and the nuanced perceptiveness of a scholar, this biography-memoir inspires us to think about our own missions and aspirations for a better world.

  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 6" X 9"
  • 268 pages

Alshich on Avos

Alshich on Avos

Although the Alshich did not compose a commentary on Pirkei Avos itself, in the course of his explanations of the verses and narratives of Tanach he expounds on many of the Mishnayos contained in Avos. Employing the same incisive questioning and analytical scalpel that he applies to whole chapters and individual verses in his commentary on Scripture, the Alshich interprets these Mishnayos, paying meticulous attention to numerous seemingly inconsequential details of the written text. He reveals their underlying structure and meaning, while emphasizing the moral and religious lessons to be derived from each Mishnah. Among the Alshich’s themes are many of the principles and key concepts of Jewish faith, including the afterlife, reward and punishment, hashgachah pratis (Divine intervention in human affairs), proper study habits, and the correct path to a Torah way of life.

The Alshich’s flowery language, enigmatic style, and frequent borrowing of phrases from Scripture and the Talmud have made it difficult for all but the most accomplished Torah students to reap the full benefits of his brilliant writing. This new adaptive translation makes his work more accessible to the English reader. It includes copious footnotes that identify the Alshich’s sources, extensive explanations to clarify the more difficult passages, an explanatory foreword, and a thoroughly researched biography.

Hammered Silvered Kiddush Cup on foot with Plate

Hammered Silvered Kiddush Cup on foot with Plate

Emanuel Art introduces a beautiful textured aluminum silver colored kiddush cup. Using this kiddush cup will enhance the pleasurable experience of blessing the wine on Shabbatot and holidays. It is a wonderful gift for a Bar or Bat-Mitzvah, wedding, and other special occasions. The kiddush cup includes a matching bottom plate and is adorned with a unique colored ball. Please choose your prefered color.

Manufactured by: Yair Emanuel

​Anodizes Aluminum Long Shabbat Candlesticks

Anodizes Aluminum Long Shabbat Candlesticks

We are proud to present these stunning collection of long, laser cut, anodized aluminum Shabbat candlesticks by Yair Emanuel. These candlesticks will enhance your candle lighting experience and be a stunning addition to your Shabbat and holiday table. The candlesticks are fashioned by stacked rings of gradient tones which taper towards the center. This pair of Shabbat candlesticks is a perfect gift for weddings, Bar and Bat-Mitzvahs, Jewish holidays, new homes, and other special occasions. . Size:6 x 22 cm2.4'' x 8.8'' Manufactured by: Yair Emanuel

The Koren Chumash

The Koren Chumash

Hebrew/English Edition

The Koren Humashis the perfect synagogue Humash. An English translation by Professor Harold Fisch compliments the Hebrew parshiyot, haftarot, megillot and Tehillim in the Koren Tanakh Font. The HumashHumash is printed on Bible paper and bound in companion style to the Sacks and Talpiot Siddurim to provide synagogues and individuals with beautiful two-volume sets.

Hebrew/English | Hardcover | Standard size | 5.3x8.5 in | 1300 pages | 1.87 lb 

​​Jerusalem Stone and Spirit: 300 Years of Art and History

Jerusalem Stone and Spirit: 300 Years of Art and History

By: Dan Bahar, Shalom Sabar

With its integration of fascinating historical text and spectacularly beautiful artworks collected especially for this purpose from all over the world, Jerusalem reveals itself as a unique blend of reality and imagination, matter and spirit.

  • Hardcover
  • English
  • 150 Pages
  • 6"x 8.5"

Laws of Pesach

Laws of Pesah

This volume on the Laws of Pesah includes a comprehensive guide to the holiday, including an examination of the concept and meaning of Pesah, the laws of preparing for Pesah, the prohibition against hametz, kashering the kitchen, a guide to seder night, and origins of the custom of kitniyot for Sephardim and Ashkenazim, and more. See the “Look Inside” tab for the Table of Contents.

  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages

A Life of Torah Hacham Ovadia Yosef: Inspiring Stories about the Prince of Torah and Leader of the Generation

A Life of Torah Hacham Ovadia Yosef: Inspiring Stories about the Prince of Torah and Leader of the Generation

He was the boy who finished an entire difficult and long sefer by learning it on the short bus ride to and from yeshivah each day.

He was the young man who memorized entire sefarim while leafing through them in the bookstore.

He was the Torah genius who underwent a painful procedure without anesthesia, yet didn't feel a thing - because he was concentrating so intensely on studying a Gemara.

He was the gadol hador whose love for Torah was so great that even a few minutes of learning meant more to him than speaking on the phone with the prime minister of the country.

He was one of the greatest Torah leaders of our generation.

He was Maran Hacham Ovadia Yosef ztvk"l.

Maran's greatness in Torah, his diligence in learning, and his ahavat Yisrael are legendary. In A Life of Torah, you wlil read twenty-five incredible stories about this saintlytzaddik and gaon. each inspirational anecdote will fill you with awe for this Torah giant...and with a longing to follow in his ways.

By: Rabbi Avraham Ohayun / Sephardic Legacy Series

Dimensions: 9" X 12"

Format: Hardcover

Illustrator: Avishai Cheyn

62 Pages



Imagine sitting in a room, simple but immaculate. It is seder night, and at the head of the table sits Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita. He shares a vort, discusses a halachic question, unveils an insight. Behind him you can dimly make out other figures, surrounded by an aura of holiness, who also contribute to the seder conversation: Rav Chaim's father, the Steipler zt'l, and his uncle, the Chazon Ish zt'l. The legendary Rebbetzin Kanievsky z'l, her eyes glowing with joy, is there too.

What a seder that would be...

Though obviously we cannot attend that imaginary seder in Bnei Brak, we can share Rav Chaim's thoughts and wisdom on the Haggadah and discover some of the practices he follows. In a sense, we can participate in Rav Chaim's seder - as we avidly read through the Rav Chaim Kanievsky Haggadah.

One of the most revered Torah personalities of our time, scion of a great Torah family, Rav Chaim Kanievsky has touched hundreds of thousands through his sefarim, his berachos, and his very presence. The Rav Chaim Kanievsky Haggadah presents his insights and weaves them together with scores of stories and anecdotes to make this a work that is engaging and unique.

Open the pages of this unique Haggadah and prepare to see the seder through the eyes of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita.

Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 286
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches /

A TASTE OF PESACH Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results

A TASTE OF PESACH Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results

The authors of Yeshiva Me'on HaTorah's wildly popular A Taste of Pesach mailings have put together a complete collection of kosher for Pesach family favorites in a magnificently presented, down-to-earth compilation you will find yourself referring to again and again.

The stunning, full-color photography and clear, easy-to-read layout are a treat for the eyes; while delicious, mouthwatering recipes are a treat for the palate.

Using familiar ingredients, A Taste of Pesach offers fabulous, easy-to-prepare recipes and gourmet presentations that family and friends will find irresistible on Pesach and year round.

A Taste of Pesach incorporates timeless classics that have been used for generations and modern cuisine to present a cookbook that appeals to young and old alike.

These are recipes that you will love to cook, serve and enjoy year after year.

  • Over 150 tried-and-true recipes for Pesach and year round
  • Stunning, full-color photographs accompany every recipe
  • Triple-tested recipes allow you to cook with confidence
  • Breathtaking layout, clear design
  • Over 140 gluten-free (non Gebrokts) recipes
Cross-referenced index to help you find your favorite recipes
  • Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 240
    Dimensions: 9 x 10.88 inches / Weight: 2.60 LBS

Antique Leather 12" Pink Megilla Holder

Antique Leather 12" Pink Megilla Holder

This gorgeous Megilla holder is made of beautifully stained and lacquered wood, and stunning leather in different colors such a light brown and pink. The Megilla holder would be a perfect addition to your Purim collection, as well as the best way to carry around your Megilla. This Megilla holder would also be a perfect gift for a father, husband, brother, cousin, or friend in need of a gift for Purim!

Ani Tefilla Weekday Siddur

Ani Tefilla Weekday Siddur

An engaging and thought-provoking siddur for the inquiring high school student and thoughtful adult. The innovative commentary in this siddur, for beginners and the seasoned alike, has been designed to help the user create their own meaning and connection during the Tefilla experience. Divided into different categories that enable the user to connect to the liturgy in different ways, the commentary provides a variety of approaches to each tefilla, and something meaningful for everyone.

Sport Tzizit


COMFORT. STYLE. PERFORMANCE. with strings attached

  • By combining ancient tradition with modern technology, Sport
    Strings has created a tzitzit garment that delivers ultimate comfort
    and style, and that is perfect for everyday wear, athletic training and
    • Two layers act as one: The bottom layer of the garment is the
    compression layer and the top layer is sewed on at the shoulder and
    armpit openings to create halachically kosher tzitzit. The garment is
    not treated with any chemicals and features UV protection, dry fit,
    moisture wicking, anti-microbial and anti-odor high performance

    The Everyday Wearer

  • Sport Strings enhances any wardrobe and improves the
    look of every physique.
    • The sleek and fitted design of Sport Strings makes the
    garment perfect to wear under both casual and dressy
    • The compression fit does not add bulk or creases,
    contributing to a more trim and neat looking appearance.
    • The tzitzit garment can be worn alone as a shirt and can
    be customized with names or logos so your personal style
    can shine through.
  • The Athlete
    • The compression fit and athletic design of Sport Strings were
    crafted with the athlete in mind. Wearing tzitzit has never
    been cooler or more advantageous to athletic training and
    • Sport Strings offers jerseys and coordinating shorts to create
    a complete uniform that meets the needs of even the most
    discerning teams, and that helps athletes perform with
    confidence and in comfort.
    • The jersey can be worn un-tucked, or tucked in for
    competition. When the jersey is tucked in, elastic loopholes
    sewed onto the inside waistband of the shorts hold the tzitzit
    strings in place so they do not interfere with competition.

    Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai Halachot

    Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai - Halachot

    Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai - Halachot is an English translation of the Ben Ish Chai's work

    The Ben Ish Chai which means "The son of a living man" authored many books but he most known by his book on Halacha. This book is widely studied in Sephardic yeshivot and functioned for a long time as a Sephardic Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (Code of the Jewish Law). Because of the wide popularity of the book on halachot, Rav Hayim Yosef zt"l became known as the Ben Ish Chai zt"l. The bookk contains drashot (explanations) that he gave in form of classes on Shabbat afternoons in the Bet Kenesset in Baghdad over a 2 year period.

    Each chapter usually starts with a discussion of a passuk from the weekly portion of the Torah reading (or from Pirkei Avot during the period between Passover and Shavuot). The Rav then provides his drasha regarding that passuk and relates it to specific issue and following that, he would outline a series of halachot rulings pertaining to that subject.  

    Purim Customs and laws

    Parshat Zachor - On the Shabbat before Purim, there is an obligation for everyone to hear the special maftir, that of Parshat Zachor (Devarim 25:17-19). It describes both the commandment to remember the evil the Amalekite nation perpetrated against the Jews on their way out of Egypt, and to obliterate their name in future generations. In order to fulfill the obligation, one must hear every single word read in public.

    Taanit Esther - Taanit Esther is the fast that commemorates the three days fast observed by the Jews in the Book of Esther. In the time of Mordechai and Esther this fast took place on the first three days of Pesach, but since fasting on Pesach is not permitted, the fast is linked to Purim. Generally The Fast of Esther is observed the day before Purim and is followed by the Megillas reading on Purim. As Purim falls out on Saturday night this year, Taanit Esther is moved to Thursday, March 13th. The fast begins at 5:20 AM and ends at nightfall. This year one may eat as soon as the fast ends. Unlike years when Taanit Esther immediately precedes Purim and we do not eat before Megillah.

    Machatzit HaShekel - Machatzit HaShekel refers to the Biblically ordained annual giving of a silver half shekel by Jews. This money was collected during the month of Adar and used for upkeep in the Temple, specifically for communal sacrifices. It was collected from all people, but was obligatory on all males above 20 years of age. Today, this mitzvah is commemorated on the afternoon of Taanit Esther, at or before Minchah, or at the latest, on Purim morning.

    The Mitzvah is performed by contributing at sum of money in exchange for three silver coins. The three silver coins are then lifted to acquire ownership, and then contributed. In this manner, everyone can perform the mitzvah with the same coins.

    Matanot L’Evyonim - The most important mitzvah of Purim, giving gifts to the poor is the way the Jews celebrated their victory over Haman. Note that this obligation is independent of the Machatzit haShekel, and it must be performed on Purim day itself. The amount given should be sufficient to assist at least two different poor people with their Purim meal.

    Reading the Megillah - It is incumbent on every man and woman to hear the Book of Esther read in the evening and the morning. One must hear every word of the Megillah both times. The Megillah is read from a scroll written on parchment paper. The megilla is stored a Megillah holder. Check out our selection of Megillah holders here.

    During the Megillah Reading, each time the name Haman is heard we are to make noise so to erase the name of Haman, The noisemakers we use are called Graggers or Raashan. For a selection of Raashanim click here

    Al Hanissim - A special Purim text for Al Hanissim is included in all prayers, as well as Birkat Hamazon. If it is forgotten, one is not required to repeat the prayer in question.

    Torah Reading - On Purim morning, we read of the attack on the Jewish people by the Amalekites, and how Moshe led the Jewish people to victory (Exodus 17:8-16).

    Mishloach Manot - One must send a minimum of two different prepared/cooked foods, to at least one other Jewish person. If one’s funds are limited, it is better to fulfill the minimum requirement for Mishloach Manot and donate more to Matanot Le’Evyonim. 

    Mishloach Manos is very often sent in decorative Purim boxes. We have a selection of Mishloach Manot boxes to enhance your Mishloach Manot. check it out here

    Purim Seudah - It is a requirement to have a festive meal for Purim. One should eat bread, and the meal should ideally contain meat products.

    Drinking on Purim- Because wine played an important role in the miracle of Purim, it plays a role in our celebration of it as well. To fulfill this requirement, one should drink slightly more wine at the Purim Seudah than one normally does at a meal, and then, if possible, take a short nap. In our observance of Purim, we must consider the unfortunate reality that alcohol abuse has become a serious problem in the contemporary Orthodox community, and conduct ourselves accordingly. Moreover, drinking other hard beverages does not fulfill the requirement to drink wine. Indeed, the Chafetz Chaim writes (Biur Halacha, OC 695:2): “We are not commanded to reduce ourselves to levels of drunkenness, but rather to rejoice in a manner that will lead us to the love of God.” In our community, which is blessed with so many wonderful children, safety and responsibility must be given extra and paramount concern. As a matter of Torah and secular law, alcohol must not be given to minors, and adults should take special on Purim to consume alcohol minimally and responsibly.

    Torah Study and Prayer- Purim is a day of joy that is celebrated through merrymaking and laughter. However, in some significant ways, Purim is no joke. The Talmud tells us that the Jewish people re-accepted the Torah on Purim, and therefore, even with all the other mitzvot one must perform on Purim, it is a most auspicious and effective day for Torah study. Moreover, many classic sources tell us that Purim represents a special opportunity for one’s prayers to be answered.


    The Purim Story

    The Purim story is documented in Megillas Esther. The following is a short synopsys that sums up the Purim story.

    On Purim we go to the synogogue to listen to the reading of the Megillah from a Kosher Megillah which is written on parchment paper. We follow along either with a kosher Megillas Esther writen on parchment paper or from a book - Megillat Esther - .

    A Kosher Megillah Scroll is kept in a special case to preserve the Parchment paper. Check out this selection of Megillah Cases.

    As the following is a short synopsys, there is alot to learn from Megillas Esther we have a selection of books with commentaries on the Megillah with enlightening insights that can enhannce your Purim and all year round. For The Megilla with English comentary check out this selection. For Hebrew Commentary check out these. we are sure that you will learn something new and will be enlightened.


    It all began in Ancient Persia in the 4th century BCE. The Holy Temple that had stood in Jerusalem was destroyed more than 50 years earlier, and the Jews were subjects of the mighty Persian empire which extended over 127 lands.

    The Purim story begins three years after King Ahasuerus becomes king, when he felt secure in his new position, Ahasuerus celebrates by throwing a grand 180-day-long party for all his subjects. Following this party, Ahasuerus hosted a smaller week-long extravaganza for the residents of the capital city of Shushan. In the palace's women's quarters, Ahasuerus' wife, Queen Vashti, hosted her own party for the Shushanite womenfolk.

    On the seventh day of this party, Ahasuerus' heart "was merry with wine," and he commanded his wife Vashti to appear before all the partying men—he wanted to show them all her exquisite beauty. Vashti balked at this request, as she developed a skin rash and did not want to appear before King Ahasuerus and his men in such a state. So at the advice of his advisor Memuchan, Ahasuerus King Ahasuerus ordered Vashti's execution.

    When Ahasuerus' anger dissipated, he was lonely for a wife. At his servants suggestion he orchestrated a beauty pageant. Officers were appointed in all the king's lands, and all beautiful girls were brought to Ahasuerus. And the girl who would find favor in the king's eyes would be the new queen.

    The leader of the Jews at that time was Mordechai. Mordechai had a cousin, Esther, who was orphaned as a young girl. Mordechai raised her and treated her as a daughter. Though she had no desire to be the queen, Esther was forcibly taken to the king's palace, to participate in the contest. While all the other contestant beautified themselves with perfumes and lotions, Esther did nothing. But G‑d had His own plans. When Esther appeared before the king, he immediately liked her, and Esther became the new Queen of Persia. But as per Mordechai's instructions, Esther refused to divulge her nationality—even to the king.

    Shortly after Esther became queen, Mordechai overheard two of the king's chamberlains discussing a plot to assassinate the king. Mordechai had them reported, and the traitors were hanged.

    Meanwhile, Haman, one of Ahasuerus' ministers, was promoted to the position of Prime Minister. Haman was a virulent Jew hater; in fact he was a descendant of Amalek.

    Immediately after his promotion, the king issued a decree ordering everyone to bow down whenever Haman appeared. Haman would walk around with a large idol hanging from a chain around his neck. When Mordechai, refused to bow down, Haman was enraged. He resolved to take revenge against all the Jews and threw lots to determine the "lucky" day when he would implement his plan. The lot fell on the 13th day of the Hebrew month of Adar.

    Haman approached Ahasuerus and offered him 10,000 silver talents in exchange for permission to elliminate the Jews. Ahasuerus, who was no friend of the Jews either, told Haman, "The money is yours to keep, and the nation is yours to do with as you please."

    Haman immediately sent proclamations to all the king's land. These declarations, sealed with the royal signet ring, ordered the people to rise up against the Jews and kill them all – men, women, and children – on the following 13th of Adar.

    Mordechai became aware of the decree. He rent his garments and donned sackcloth. He sent a message to Esther, asking her to approach the king and beg him to spare her people. Esther responded that according to the rules anyone who entered the king's presence and was not summoned would be put to death—unless the king extended to that person his golden scepter. "And I," Esther said, "have not been summoned by the king for thirty days already!"

    Mordechai sent another message: "Do not think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews by being in the king's palace. For if you will remain silent at this time, relief and salvation will come to the Jews from another source, and you and the house of your father will be lost. And who knows if it is not for just such a time that you reached this royal position."

    Esther agreed to go to King Ahasuerus. But asked Mordechai to gather all the Jews in Shushan and let them all fast for three days and nights. And after this fast Esther would approach the king.

    Mordechai complied with Esther's request. He gathered the Jews of Shushan – especially the children, 22,000 of them – and they fasted, repented and prayed to G‑d.

    After three days of fasting, Esther donned royal garb and entered Ahasuerus' chambers. Immediately, the king extended his scepter. "What is it?" Ahasuerus asked. "What is your request?"

    "I would like to invite the king and Haman to a small feast I have prepared," Esther responded.

    So the king and Haman joined Esther for a wine-feast. During the feast, the king again asked Esther whether she had anything to request. "Yes," Esther responded. "I would appreciate if tomorrow, again, the king and Haman would join me for a feast. And then I will tell the king my request."

    Haman left the party a happy and proud man. Oh the honor he was being accorded! But standing at the king's gate was Mordechai – whostillrefused to bow to Haman – and Haman was enraged. When he arrived home, his wife advised him to erect a gallows, and then to go to the king and request permission to hang Mordechai. Haman excitedly went ahead and put up the gallows.

    Sleep eluded the king that night, so he asked his servants to read for him from the Royal Chronicles. They complied with the king's orders. They read from the Chronicles how Mordechai saved the king's life when two of his chamberlains hatched a plot to kill him.

    "Was he rewarded for this fine act?" Ahasuerus asked. "No he was not," the servants responded.

    At that moment Haman entered the king's courtyard to ask the king's permission to hang Mordechai! Before Haman could utter a word, Ahasuerus addressed him: "My Haman, in your estimation, what shall be done to a person whom the king wishes to honor?"

    Haman, who was certain that it was him who the king wished to honor, answered: "Bring royal garment and a royal horse. And let one of the king's nobles dress the man and lead him on the horse through the city streets, proclaiming before him, 'So is done for the man whom the king wishes to honor!'"

    "Excellent idea," Ahasuerus responded. "Now go get the garments and the horse and do so for Mordechai the Jew!"

    Haman had no choice but to obey. The next day he went and honored Mordechai as the king had ordered, and then immediately rushed to join the king and Esther for "The second Feast"

    "What is your request?" a curious King Ahasuerus asked Esther at the feast.

    "If I have found favor in your eyes, O King," Esther pleaded, "and if it pleases the king, let my life be granted me by my plea, and the life of my people by my request. For my people and I have been sold to be annihilated, killed and destroyed!" Esther then identified Haman as the evil person who wished to perpetrate this atrocity.

    The king was greatly angered. When he was then informed that Haman had built a gallows for Mordechai, he ordered that Haman be hanged on that very gallows.

    But Esther was far from satisfied. Haman was dead, but his evil decree was still in effect. According to Persian law, once a king issues a decree it cannot be rescinded. But the king gave Mordechai and Esther permission, and they promptly wrote up a decree that reversed Haman's edict. The decree granted the Jews permission to defend themselves against their enemies. And by this time, considering that all knew that the queen and Prime Minister were both Jewish, no one would prevent the Jews from doing just that!

    And the Jews in Shushan were oh so happy. Celebrations abounded!

    On the 13th of Adar that year, the Jews throughout the Persian Empire mobilized and killed the enemies who had wanted to kill them.

    Esther asked the king's permission for the Jews in Shushan to have one more day to destroy their enemy—and the king acceded to her wish. On that day, the 14th of Adar, the Jews worldwide celebrated, and the Jews of Shushan killed more of their enemies, and also hung Haman's ten sons. The Jews of Shushan then rested and celebrated on the 15th of Adar.

    In Commemoration Mordechai and Esther established a holiday to commemorate these amazing events. Jews worldwide celebrate on the 14th of Adar, while residents of walled cities – like Shushan – celebrate on the 15th of Adar. This holiday, called "Purim," is the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar.

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    Nehora offers a large selection of Jewish books and gifts. They offer books in several languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Yiddish, and Russian.  Nehora carries many prayer commentary books as well as many reference books.  Check out our large selection of gift items. We are constantly adding new items, so keep on visiting Nehora at www.nehora.com today!

    Jewish And Hebrew Literature - Visit Nehora Today!

    Nehora Books

    If you are looking for Jewish or Hebrew literature, visit Nehora. They offer thousands of books and gifts. Nehora carries literature in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Spanish, French and Russian.  Nehora strives to offer many options of all of their customers worldwide.  Nehora provides a goggle translator for their website adn accept multipul forms of payment. To view their huge selection of literature, gift and more visit www.nehora.com now!

    For Judaic Gifts and Books Visit Nehora Today!

    Nehora is one of the largest online stores that carries thousands of Jewish an Hebrew books and gifts.  Nehora has an extensive, large selection of Judaic gifts: 
    Visit Nehora today to view this extensive collection at www.nehora.com!

    Nehora Jewish Gifts and Books - Including Children's Books and Gifts

    If you are looking for Jewish Children's Books, shop Nehora's online Book & Gift Store.  They have a huge selection of Jewish children's books and many books in Hebrew, such as Dr. Seuss favorites, Buggs Bunny and Friends as well as many more.  This is a great way to continue learning the Hebrew language by reading these books to your little one!  Nehora has one of the largest online stores of Jewish books, videos, gifts and more. Shop their entire selection at www.nehora.com.

    Nehora is Now Offering The Passover Seder Reclining Apparatus GEULIT

    Nehora’s Jewish Book and Gift Store is now offering something completely different: The Passover Seder Reclining Apparatus GEULIT. This device is for reclining like free people on Passover. How do you not spill wine on your friend? It is forbidden to recline on the table and it is hard to recline back on your chair.  Nehora has the solution this year! One click and everyone can recline easily...A mekhayeh! To purchase this great device go to www.nehora.com. 

    Nehora Serves Worldwide Jewish Books and Gifts Online

    Nehora’s reaches readers across the world with its online bookstore. They offer hundreds of books, in many languages, from the most distinguished Authors and Rabbis. Click on individual names, use the general search or  See all authors.  Nehora offers Books in SPANISH, Books in FRENCH, Books in RUSSIAN, Books in YIDDISH and more! To view the large selection of books and gifts at Nehora visit www.nehora.com.

    Nehora Offers Gift Certificates at Their Jewish Online Book Store

    Online Jewish Books and Gifts At Nehora

    Nehora offer thousands of Jewish books and gifts. There are thousands of wonderful gift ideas at Nehora.  Right now Nehora has a large variety of beautiful jeweled Kiddush cups and jeweled Goblet Kiddush cups. Also, many gorgeous washing cups; there is something for everyone. To view their large selection of gifts and more visit www.nehora.com today!


    Looking For Jewish Young Adult Books? Visit Nehora Today!

    Nehora carries a wide selection of Jewish book and gifts.  They also carry several young adult books by great authors and they are sure to be insipring!  Here are some young adults aurthors that Nehora carries: Books by Chaim Walder, books by Libby Lazewnik, Books by Yaffa Ganz, and many more!  For more information or to browse Nehora's collection of youth books visit www.nehora.com.

    Online Jewish Books and Gifts at Nehora

    Nehora has the ultimate collection of Jewish books & gifts.  Their large selection of books can be easily searched by: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian, Yiddish, French and New Arrivals to make shopping easy.  Also search books and gifts by Author, Judaica Gifts, young adult, children, Jewish Holidays, All of Holidays and more!  Visit today and shop their entire collection at www.nehora.com.


    Nehora - Jewish Books And Gifts - Shop The Large Selection Today!

    At Nehora they have the largest selection of books, resource books, calendars and more, all in Hebrew.  To give you an idea here is a list of just some of the great selection Nehora carries in Hebrew material: Biblical Hebrew Grammer, Silver Plated Kiddush Goblet cup with Tray Jerusalem Design Calendars in Hebrew, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia & Concordances, Halacha, Musar, HalachaHavdalah Besamim Spice silk Bag , Prayer Books and Prayer Commentaries, Acrylic Washing Cup Round Pearlized White & Gold, Torah / Tanach Commentary and much, much more! To view the extensive list of books and gifts that Nehoa has to offer visit www.nehora.com today! 

    Online Jewish Books & Gifts At Nehora

    A very large selection of Jewish books and gifts are right online for you to browse at Nehora. Nehora offer books in several languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Yiddish, and Russian.  They carry many prayer commentary books as well as many reference books, history books and more!  To see Nehora's entire collection of books or Judaica gifts visit Nehora at www.nehora.com today!

    Tehillim Ben Israel Hebrew Translation Transliterated Large - Avaiable At Nehora

    Tehillim Ben Israel Hebrew Translation Transliterated Large

    Tehillim Ben Israel Hebrew Translation Transliterated Large, is now available at Nehora.  This beautiful hardcover has 264 pages. Below is a quick descrption of this book:

    This new book is meant for people who have trouble with pronouncing Hebrew words that are in the Tehillim (Psalms of King David) and it translates as well as transliterates from Hebrew to English. The book of Tehillim is one of the 24 sefarim (books) of the Torah which people refer to in times of trouble and when they are looking to give praise to G-d. The utilization of this book will give any person who does not understand Hebrew the proper concentration and meaning when they are praying. The book of Tehillim is made up of five books, which is in correlation to the five books of Moses. Another vital part of the process of saying Tehillim is proper pronunciation of each word. With the usage of this book hopefully people will be more successful in having their prayers answered.

    To purhase Tehillim Ben Israel Hebrew Translation or to view more books that Nehora carries visit www.nehora.com.

    Nehora Kids Jewish Gifts and Books

    Nehora offers videos, games, books and more. This is a great online store if you are looking for the perfect gift for the little one in your life. Here are a few books available at Nehora: A Story A Day (ages 9-13), Buggs Bunny & Friends (Hebrew), Dr. Seuss (Hebrew translations), Stories by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (English), Stories My Grandfather Told Me (ages 9-13), and The Little.  Plus they offer Jewish Games, Holiday Kids Stuff, KINDER SHPIEL GAMES, Prayer books and more!  View Nehora's entire line of products visit www.nehora.com today!

    Nehora - Jewish books & Judaica across the globe

    Nehora has the ultimate collection of Jewish books & Judaica across the globe.  They have a very large selection of books that can be searched by: different languages, authors, new arrivals Judaica Gifts, young adult, children, Jewish Holidays, and more!  Visit today and shop this large selection of books and gifts at www.nehora.com or if you have questions call 1-800-463-4672 or email at infor@Nehora.com.


    Nehora Online Jewish Book Store - Yair Emanuel's Wooden Netilat Yadayim

    Nehora is a online Jewish book and gift store . You can find several new products such as the Yair Emanuel's Wooden Netilat Yadayim - Oriental Jerusalem Mediym.  This is beautiful hand washing cup is 5.4" X 4.3.  The design features an oriental illustration of the holy city of Jerusalem and is painted with vivid and harmonious colors. It is hand-painted using acrylic colors and is then lacquered.  This is a must have for any Jewish kitchen!  To view all of the new products at Nehora go to www.nehora.com.

    Buy Jewish & Hebrew Kids Books Online at Nehora

    Nehora's online Book & Gift Store has a huge selection of Jewish Children's Books.   They have many books in Hebrew, such as Dr. Seuss favorites, Buggs Bunny and Friends as well as many other popular kids favorites.  What a great way to continue learning the Hebrew language through these books!  Nehora also carries children's video, holiday gifts and more. To browse their entire selection visit www.nehora.com.

    Nehora Your Worldwide Jewish Books & Gifts Store

    Nehora offer thousands of books and gifts.  There are books in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Spanish, French and Russian.  Nehora strives to offer many options of all of their customers worldwide.  Nehora provides a goggle translator for their website to be translated to almost any language.  To view their huge selection of books, gift and more visit www.nehora.com today!

    Nehora Your Online Jewish Book Store - Your Book Club Orders Placed Here

    Nehora Your Online Jewish Books and Gifts Store! Here at Nehora there are many titles to choose from for your book club this year and for the next year. Nehora will allow large book club orders, you can receive every book on time and fast to ensure ample amount of reading time before your club meets. Stop in and browse the large selection of books, including books in Hebrew and other languages.  Visit and place your order today at www.nehora.com.

    Huge Online Store For Jewish Books and Gifts - Visit Nehora Today!

    Nehora offers a huge selection of Jewish books and gifts. They offer books in several languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Yiddish, and Russian.  Nehora carries many prayer commentary books as well as many reference books.  To see a list of nehoras collection of books view the home page of the web site under categories or to see the collection of Jewish Software» or Judaica gifts visit Nehora at www.nehora.com today!

    Nehora Jewish Online Gifts and Books - Yiddish Books

    Nehora is one of the largest online Jewish books stores. They carry a large selection of Yiddish Books from many differet authors. A Seder Night Miracle,  Churban Ungaren-Holocaust חורבן אונגארן, and A Healthy Life to name a few featured books. To view Nehoras entire collection of Yiddish books visit www.nehora.com.

    Largest Selection of Hebrew Books and Resorces Nehora.com

    At Nehora they have the largest selection of books, resource books, calendars and more, all in Hebrew.  To give you an idea here is a list of just some of the great selection Nehora carries in Hebrew material: Biblical Hebrew Grammer, Biography, Calendars-Hebrew, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia & Concordances, Halacha, Musar, Halacha, Jewish History, Prayer Books and Prayer Commentaries, Torah / Tanach Commentary and much, much more! To view the extensive list of all Hebrew material that Nehoa has to offer visit www.nehora.com

    Youth Jewish Books at www.Nehora.com

    There are several youth books by great authors at Nehora and they are sure to be insipring!  Here are some youth aurthors that Nehora carries: Books by Chaim Walder, books by Libby Lazewnik, Books by Yaffa Ganz, and many more!  For more information or to browse Nehora's collection of youth books visit www.nehora.com.

    Nehora - "Your Jewish Online Books and Gifts Superstore

    Nehora Your Jewish Gifts and Books Super Store!  There are hundreds of aurthors and thousands of books to choose from, there is something for everyone at Nehora. They have books in many languages: yiddish, russian, french, spanish, english and hebrew.  Everything is easy to find at Nehora.  To Start Shopping visit now at www.nehora.com.

    Nehora - Jewish Online Book Store - Offering Gift Certificates

    Nehora Books offers Gift Certificates of any amount.  You can also create Wish Lists.  Just create an account and then start creating wish lists, check recest orders and check out fasster. If you are in a hurry, use the search feature to find specific books.  Vist Nehora today at www.nehora.com.

    The Ultimate Collection of Jewish Books & Judaica Across the Globe - Nehora.com

    Nehora’s Online Bookstore with Hundreds of Books, in Many Languages, from the most distinguished Authors and Rabbis.  Some of the Rabbis books offered by Nehora are Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Rabbi Yaakov Hopkowitz,  Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, Rabbi Yaacov Culi and More! Click on individual names, use the general search or  See all authors.   To view  the large selection of books and gifts at Nehora visit www.nehora.com.

    Nehora - Jewish Online Bookstore - Books and Gifts

    Nehora has the ultimate collection of Jewish books & Judaica Across the Globe.  They have a very large selection of books that can be searched by: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian, Yiddish, French and New Arrivals to make shopping easy.  Also search by Author, Prayer Books, Judaica Gifts, young adult, Children, Jewish Holidays, Mishnah & Talmud, All of Holidaysand more!  Visit today and shop this large selection of www.nehora.com or call 1-800-463-4672.


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