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Sport Tzizit



COMFORT. STYLE. PERFORMANCE. with strings attached

  • By combining ancient tradition with modern technology, Sport
    Strings has created a tzitzit garment that delivers ultimate comfort
    and style, and that is perfect for everyday wear, athletic training and
    • Two layers act as one: The bottom layer of the garment is the
    compression layer and the top layer is sewed on at the shoulder and
    armpit openings to create halachically kosher tzitzit. The garment is
    not treated with any chemicals and features UV protection, dry fit,
    moisture wicking, anti-microbial and anti-odor high performance

    The Everyday Wearer

  • Sport Strings enhances any wardrobe and improves the
    look of every physique.
    • The sleek and fitted design of Sport Strings makes the
    garment perfect to wear under both casual and dressy
    • The compression fit does not add bulk or creases,
    contributing to a more trim and neat looking appearance.
    • The tzitzit garment can be worn alone as a shirt and can
    be customized with names or logos so your personal style
    can shine through.
  • The Athlete
    • The compression fit and athletic design of Sport Strings were
    crafted with the athlete in mind. Wearing tzitzit has never
    been cooler or more advantageous to athletic training and
    • Sport Strings offers jerseys and coordinating shorts to create
    a complete uniform that meets the needs of even the most
    discerning teams, and that helps athletes perform with
    confidence and in comfort.
    • The jersey can be worn un-tucked, or tucked in for
    competition. When the jersey is tucked in, elastic loopholes
    sewed onto the inside waistband of the shorts hold the tzitzit
    strings in place so they do not interfere with competition.