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Pomegranates Travel Shabbat and Havdalah Set


Pomegranates Travel Shabbat and Havdalah Set

Even when you’re on the go, you can begin and end your Shabbat with a beautiful set that has everything you need for candle lighting, Kiddush, and Havdalah!

The pieces all fit together to make an easy travel friendly vessel. Once you arrive at your destination you can take it apart and enjoy your Shabbat! The bottom holds the Havdalah candle, the middle part is the Kiddush cup, and the upper part is the spice box, which when turned upside down doubles serves as candlesticks.

These beautiful pieces of art give a welcome burst of life and color to escorting the Shabbat Queen into the home (and even your home away from home) as well as to bringing in the new week. The ability to open and close your Shabbat with the same set and carry it with you wherever you go is sure to give more meaning and depth to the ritual.

The set features a colorful and cheerful design of pomegranates and grapes - classical Jewish decorative motifs. All of the pieces in the set are made of wood, painted in gorgeous vivid colors, and then lacquered to seal the paint and make the set completely waterproof.

What a wonderful way to make sure Shabbat stays with you wherever you are!

This is a great gift for family or friends that are always on the go!