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Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai Halachot


Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai - Halachot

Drashot of the Ben Ish Hai - Halachot is an English translation of the Ben Ish Chai's work

The Ben Ish Chai which means "The son of a living man" authored many books but he most known by his book on Halacha. This book is widely studied in Sephardic yeshivot and functioned for a long time as a Sephardic Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (Code of the Jewish Law). Because of the wide popularity of the book on halachot, Rav Hayim Yosef zt"l became known as the Ben Ish Chai zt"l. The bookk contains drashot (explanations) that he gave in form of classes on Shabbat afternoons in the Bet Kenesset in Baghdad over a 2 year period.

Each chapter usually starts with a discussion of a passuk from the weekly portion of the Torah reading (or from Pirkei Avot during the period between Passover and Shavuot). The Rav then provides his drasha regarding that passuk and relates it to specific issue and following that, he would outline a series of halachot rulings pertaining to that subject.