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Chumash and Rashi Explained - BEREISHIS - on mp3

  • Chumash and Rashi Explained - BEREISHIS - on mp3

Product Description

The entire Book of Bereishis (Genesis) with every verse and every Rashi clearly read and explained in English on two MP-3 CD’s. Highlights from the leading Commentaries such as Ramban, R' Bachya, Ohr HaChaim, Klei Yaker, Netziv, Meshech Chachma, Mizrachi, Gur Aryeh, Divrei Dovid, Maskil L'Dovid are also drawn upon to create a symphony of Torah that will leave you inspired and knowledgeable. Special emphasis is given to Rashi that contains lessons in Hebrew grammar.
  • Ideal Chumash Study Tool
  • Great review of the Parsha
  • Concise Clear & Authoritative
  • Perfect for Commuters & Trips
  • Lunch Break - Food for Thought
  • Thought provoking Questions & Answers
  • Suitable for Students, Parents even Scholars
Sefer Bereishis complete - with over 43 hours of audio on two MP-3s

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