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Torah Anthology Vol. 17: Deutoronomy(Gratitude & Discipline)

  • Torah Anthology Vol. 17: Deutoronomy(Gratitude & Discipline)

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Translated by R'Aryeh Kaplan. This volume covers the portions of Ekev, Re'eh and Shoftim. It covers a deeper understanding of these three Sidrot which contain so many vital(and sometimes poorly understood) mitzvot. The subject matter ranges from a lengthy treatment of the laws of idolatry to halachot that involve and effect each Jew on a daily basis-the laws of Birkat HaMazon, Tefillin and Tefillah. Also covered fully are such fundamental principals of Judaism as the role and function of suffering in this world, the system of tithing(including the tithing of monetary income), and an exposition of permitted and forbidden foods. The principals of prophecy and the methods of distinguishing a false prophet from a true one are enumerated, as are the laws dealing with the three major festivals. The last Sidra, Shoftim-"Magistrates," deals with those institutions-monarchy, the judiciary and its enforcement arm-which provide a structure for the community to realize its role as a "kindom of priests and a holy nation" The volume concludes with an exposition of the laws of warfare and Eglah Arufah. These three Sidrot contain many complex laws which are here brilliantly elucidated using the unique approach of the MeAm Loez, in which halachic and Aggadic material from the Talmud and Midrash are combined with the best of the later commentators.

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