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The Mishkan Treasury Otzar Hamishkan

  • The Mishkan Treasury  Otzar Hamishkan  BKETMT
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“Although there is no beis Hamikdash in our times, there is still an important mitzvah, which yields great reward, to study the design and dimensions and mishkan and its vessels… it is a great credit to endeavor to understand even the basic appearance of the mishkan, and how much more so to understand the deep secrets contained therein.’’ (Rabbeinu Bechaye, parshas Vayakhel)

The Mishkan Treasury is an archiva of information regarding the mishkan, its vessels and its inner essence, it presents the reader with an organized, succinct and comprehensive description of the mishkan, accompanied by three-dimensional computerized illustrations of the highest quality.

 The content is presented in a language that is straightforward and clear to scholar and layman alike, thus providing an indispensable source to all who seek to delve into this important branch of knowledge.

Rabbi Menachem makeover has researched end lectured on the subject of the beis Hamikdash and the mishkan for many years, during which time he served as the head of the machon hamikdash in Yerushalayim for ten years.

 His Hebrew works include: Oro shel mikdash – The light of the mikdash: the significance of the Beis Hamikdash in Jewish thought (2 volumes). Beish habechirah – The Chosen house: A commentary on the Rambam’s treatise on the laws of the Beis Hamikdash.

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