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Shaarei Efraim - Hilchos Krias Hatorah / שערי אפרים

  • Shaarei Efraim & Dinai Sefer Torah Shenimtzu Boi Tues     שערי אפרים - דיני ספר תורה שנמצאה בו טעות

Product Description

Please note: Only 1 volume - Shaarei efraim is available and what is for purchase here.

Sha'arei Efraim Im Mishna Brura - is an in-depth inquiry of hundreds of halachic issues regarding the reading of the torah.

Dinai Sefer Torah Shenimtzu Boi Tues – Includes a collection of Halachos and Dinum, if a sefer Torah is Found Pussel in Shul while leining (reading), as how to proceed according to the Halacha. It enables the Synagogue Rabbi to immediately make a halachic decision if a flaw is found in a torah scroll during reading. This popular book is a must in every synagogue, and is a recommended "problem solver" in times when a swift decision is to be made.









(& Dinai Sefer Torah Shenimtzu Boi Tues     -( דיני ספר תורה שנמצאה בו טעות

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