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The Land of Judaism

  • The Land of Judaism

Product Description

The Land of Judaism is a unique course in Jewish History designed to enable students, educators, and laymen of all affiliations to understand and present the continuous historical connection between Jewish civilization and the Land of Israel. This comprehensive curriculum is all in English and explores historical records from the Patriarchs through the Holocaust. The purpose of the course is to offer a broad perspective for assessing the relevant issues affecting the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel.

The course comprehensively covers the following points:

  1. Since biblical times, there has been an enduring Jewish presence in the Land of Israel.
  2. Since biblical times, there have been documented, ongoing movements of Aliyah (immigration) to the Land of Israel.
  3. Throughout history there has been clear acknowledgment by all of the world’s major nations and empires that Israel is the Jewish Homeland.
The 6 Audio CD's Include:

  • CD 1 - JOURNEY & PROMISE: The journey to the Land of Israel began with the exile of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. After the Great Flood, the Land was bequeathed by Noah to his son Shem. Ten generations later, God promised this land to Abraham and the children of his son Isaac for eternity. Abraham walked the length and breadth of the Land while taking possession of it.

  • CD 2 - THE HOLY LAND: The Land of Israel is not merely an inheritance – it is holy. It was in this land that God rested His presence. It is in this land that man can be closest to the Creator. The Land and its holiness can never be separated. One is intrinsic to the other.

  • CD 3 - PRESENCE: Since biblical times there has been an enduring Jewish presence in the Land of Israel. For over eighteen hundred years, the Jewish people have been recognized as the People of the Land of Israel with an almost uninterrupted Jewish presence.

  • CD 4 - HEROISM & SACRIFICE: The Roman and Byzantine eras were marked by extremely difficult living conditions for the Jewish inhabitants of Israel, but also by some of the greatest acts of heroism known to man. The Jewish people sacrificed both their personal freedom and their lives to hold on to a land that was given to them by God as an inheritance for all time.

  • CD 5 - RETURN: Even when large numbers of Jewish people were not living in Israel, they were always on their way. In every century there were movements and mass transports organized and arranged to bring the Jewish people home.

  • CD 6 - RENAISSANCE: Crusades, false Messiahs, pogroms and the Holocaust not only gave rise to the mass movements of Aliyah; they formed the backdrop to the magnificent development and renaissance of Torah in Israel.

  • PLUS: Included with your purchase is unlimited access to the Land of Judaism website.
    Here you will find source material, maps, charts, and pictures relevant to the Audio Series.

About Rabbi Haber

Rabbi Haber is an expert in adult Jewish education, taking over for Rabbi Berel Wein as the spiritual leader of Congregation Bais Torah in Monsey, NY. As the former National Director of Jewish Education for the Orthodox Union, he created the highly successful "Pardes Project." Rabbi Haber is the founder of the Australian Institute of Torah and the Torah Center of Buffalo. He is also one of the founding members of AJOP, the Association of Jewish Outreach Professionals. Rabbi Haber has published numerous articles and books and is a sought after international lecturer.

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