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    Here's the breakthrough software product of the year!

Imagine every word of the Chumash, every Haftarah reading - complete with audio accompaniment, on just ONE CD-ROM!
Navigating the Bible
is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Torah and Haftarot, from the budding Bar/Bat Mitzvah student to the interested adult who wants to broaden his horizons. It is a must for synagogues, Hebrew schools - wherever Torah reading is taught and studied.
Listen to a verse sung, and press a button to hear it repeated as many times as necessary. You can view the text of the Torah reading with vowel points, or remove them at a click of a button, to see the words as they appear in an actual Torah scroll.

? Transliteration of the Hebrew text is highlighted as it is sung
? Blessings before and after the reading of the Torah and Haftarah
? Cantillation (trop) tutorial with musical score
? Complete English translation of The Living Torah, edited by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, including footnotes
? Automatic Calender finds Bar/Bat Mitzvah date or any weekly reading from the year 1900 to 2050
? Glossary of people, places, plants, and animals in the Torah
English summaries for each Torah reading

*System Requirements:
Requires PC with Windows 95/98 (486-66 or faster), 8 MB RAM, 30 MB hard disk space, sound card and CD-ROM drive (double speed or faster). Pentium recommended.

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