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Chumash Mikraot Gedolot : (HaBahir) [5 volumes] / חומש הבהיר מקראות גדולות-ה' כרכים

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  • Mikraot Gedolot : Torah (HaBahir) [5 volumes]     חומש הבהיר מקראות גדולות-ה' כרכים

Product Description

The Torah with Rashi commentary written in regular Hebrew letters with vowels, Onkelos, Ramban commentary, Or HaChaim commentary, Bal HaTurim, Siftei Chachamim and Zohar HaNigleh.

Chumash, Rashi, Ohr Hachaim, Targum (Onkelus & Yonason ben Uziel) and Zohar Hanigleh is all menukad

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