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3****Rabbi Yaacov Cohen Gadisha of Jerba

RabbiYaacov Cohen Gadisha of Jerba

 Born: Jerba, Tunisia, 1851

Died: Jerba, Tunisia, 1909 

Rabbi Yaacov Cohen Gadisha served as the head rabbi of Jerba in the "Large Quarter" of the city and a judge in the Jewish court. 

Rabbi Yaacov Cohen was born to a very poor family. As a child he quickly became very famous for his Torah wisdom and for being a great lecturer.

Besides his rabbinical duties, he made a living as a goldsmith. His jewelry became very popular, and among his customers were many Moslems who liked his work and his great personal character. 

Rabbi Yaacov wrote two books, Kochav Yaacov and Halichot Yaacov.

May the merit of the tzaddik  RabbiYaacov Cohen Gadisha of Jerba  protect us all, Amen.

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