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18****Rabbi Chanoch Henich HaKohen of Alexander

Rabbi Chanoch Henich HaKohen of Alexander

Born: Poland, 1798

Died:  Poland,  1870 (Adar II)

Rabbi Chanoch was a disciple of  Rabbi Simcha Bunam of Pshis'cha, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk and Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter, the Chidushei Harym.

When Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter, the Chidushei Harym the rabbi of Alexander passed away, pressure was put on grandson Rabbi Yehudah Leib - the Sefat Emet  to become the new leader. He felt unworthy however, and instead went to Alexander giving his support to Rabbi Chanoch Henich. After only four years, Rabbi Chanoch  passed away, and then Reb Yehudah Leib was left with no choice but to comply with the wishes of the Chassidim to become the leader of Ger. 

Rabbi Chanoch was known for his great wisdom in niglah and nistar, the revealed and mystical aspects of the Torah. A man of miracles and wonders, known also for praying loudly with great excitement.  

About Sadness...

The emotion of sadness is essentially selfish, as it is derived from an individual's feeling that something, either spiritual or material, is lacking that rightfully belongs to him. Such an outlook concentrates solely on the self, rather than on others.

"The Heavens belong to God, and the earth He gave to humans." (Psalms 115:16)   The Heavens are heavenly in any event. God gave the earth to humans so that they could make that which is worldly, heavenly.
- Rabbi Chanoch Henich of Alexander 

"Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse" (Deut. 11:26)   There are two different kinds of "today" -- the "today" of blessing and the "today" of curse. Consideration of the present moment as an impetus for action can be either positive or negative: "If not now, when?" spurs a Jew on to do good, whereas "Eat and drink for tomorrow we die" leads him down the path of evil. - Rabbi Chanoch Henich of Alexander

"We beseech from You, grant us knowledge and understanding." (from the weekday Amida) We beseech, that we may know that our knowledge and understanding are from You.
- Rabbi Chanoch Honich HaKohen of Alexander

 May the merit of the tzaddik  Rabbi Chanoch Henich HaKohen of Alexander  protect us all, Amen.


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