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17****Rabbi Yaakov Krantz - The Maggid of Dobnow

Rabbi Yaakov Krantz - The Maggid of Dobnow

 Born:  Zatil, near Vilna, 1741

Died:   Zamoshtz, 1804

Born in a province of Vilna, Rabbi Yaakov showed exceptional homiletical and Kabbalistic talents at an early age, and by the age of twenty became the darshan (preacher) of his city.

From there he began preaching through the cities of around Lublin in Poland, finally settling in Dubnow. His reputation as an outstanding maggid (preacher) spread, bringing him in contact with the great rabbis of the period, including the Vilna Gaon. The majority of his works were in homiletics, using stories and parables to transmit deeper ethical and moral teachings.

May the merit of the tzaddik  Rabbi Yaakov - The Maggid of Dobnow  protect us all, Amen.


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