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14****Rabbi Yosef of Trani

Rabbi Yosef of Trani

Born: Tzefat, Israel, 1569
Died:  Kushta, Turkey, 1639

Posek (ordained-judge), Talmudist, head rabbi of Kushta (Turkey).

   Rabbi Yosef Miterani  was the son of a famous rabbi, Rabbi  Moshe of  Trani ('Hamabit'), at the age of 8, he received a blessing from Rabbi Yosef Karo, author of the Shulchan Aruch. 

   While in Tzfat, Rabbi Yosef studied under one of the great kabbalists of the time, Rabbi Shlomo Sagish. He moved to Koshta (Turkey) where he became a prominent Posek and taught Torah. People would come from far away to hear his insightful Torah lessons. After living in Koshta for 20 years, he became the head rabbi of the Jewish community.

Rabbi Yosef Mitrani was well known for his tremendous support of the sick and the poor. 

May the merit of the tzaddik Rabbi Yosef of Trani  protect us all, Amen.

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