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10****Eli Kohen Gadol

Eli Kohen Gadol

Born: Eretz Yisrael,  988 BCE.

Died: Eretz Yisrael, Shiloh, 890 BCE.  

Eli served as Kohen Gadol (high priest) and judged the nation of Israel for 40 years (Samuel I 4:18), during the period of the Judges in Israel.       

He was one of the descendants of Ithamar son of Aharon HaKohen (Yalkut Shimoni, Shoftim 68).

He was king [leader of Israel], Kohen Gadol (high Priest), and head of the Sanhedrin (Yalkut HaMechiri, Tehillim 75:4).

The Book of Tagin  was copied by Eli from the 12 rocks that Yehoshua (Joshua) erected in Gilgal, and [Eli in turn] transmitted it to the prophet Shmuel (Samuel) (Otzar HaMidrashim 564).

Channah [who had been praying silently in Eli's presence] answered and said, "No my master (Samuel I 1:15). You are not a master in this matter, and Divine Inspiration does not rest upon you if you have judged me unfavorably [thinking that I am intoxicated]" (Berachot 31b). 

Eli aged [prematurely] because of the troubles he had with his sons Chofni and Pinchas (Aggadat Bereishit).

Before Eli's sun set, the sun of Shmuel (Samuel the prophet) the Ramathite rose (Kiddushim 72b).

Eli died on the tenth of Iyar (end of Megillat Ta'anit).

When Eli died, Shiloh was destroyed and [the Sanctuary was relocated] to Nob (Zevachim 118b).

The house of Eli has no sages ordained [to render halachic rulings], for [God told Eli,] "There shall be no sage in your house" (Samuel I 2:32) (Sanhedrin 14a).

The iniquity of the house of Eli shall not be expiated with sacrifice or offering (Samuel I 3:14). With sacrifice or offering it is not expiated [for their iniquity dealt with the sacrifices (Metzdat David)], but it is expiated with Torah study and with seeds of kindness (Rosh Hashanah 18a). 

There was one family in Jerusalem whose [members] used to die at the age of 18. They were of the house of Eli, [whom God had told,] "All the increase of your house will die young men" (Samuel I 2:33).

May the merit of the tzaddik  Eli Kohen Gadol  protect us all, Amen.


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