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Nehora Jewish Gifts and Books - Including Children's Books and Gifts


If you are looking for Jewish Children's Books, shop Nehora's online Book & Gift Store.  They have a huge selection of Jewish children's books and many books in Hebrew, such as Dr. Seuss favorites, Buggs Bunny and Friends as well as many more.  This is a great way to continue learning the Hebrew language by reading these books to your little one!  Nehora has one of the largest online stores of Jewish books, videos, gifts and more. Shop their entire selection at www.nehora.com.

Nehora Kids Jewish Gifts and Books

Nehora offers videos, games, books and more. This is a great online store if you are looking for the perfect gift for the little one in your life. Here are a few books available at Nehora: A Story A Day (ages 9-13), Buggs Bunny & Friends (Hebrew), Dr. Seuss (Hebrew translations), Stories by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov [...]

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