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Yalkut HaRoim Hagadol ילקוט הרועים הגדול

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  • Yalkut HaRoim Hagadol     ילקוט הרועים הגדול

Product Description

A collection of old but precious books, going back about 2000 years and more. Braytot, Midrashim and books of Kabbalah. The books included are: Pirkei Heychalot, Midrash Konan, Otiot De Rabbi Akiva, Sefer HaTagin, Sefer Maayan Chochma, Sefer HaIyon, Sefer Sod Darchei HaNikud, Masechet Atzilut, Masechet Kelim, Midrash Tmurah, Masechet Chibut HaKever, Masechet Gehinom, Zohar Ruth, Pirkei Eliyahu & Nistarot Rashbi, Midrash Rabbi Yehushua Ben Levi. A few of these writings have a commentary.

Please check sample pages for more details.

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