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8****Rabbanit Malka of Belz

Rabbanit Malka of Belz

Born: (?)

Died: Belz, 1852

The righteous wife of the first Belz rebbe, Rabbi Shalom Rokeach (1779-1855).

Rabbi Shalom dealt a lot with dead souls who appeared to him seeking redemption which, through some flaw or sin acquired in their earthly state, is denied them. He was speaking to each soul individually, advising it how to attain eternal salvation. Some of these souls had the power to cause harm (as mentioned in Zohar Vayikrah page 70), therefore Rabbi Shalom would sometimes sit close to his wife Malka, so that her merit would protect him.

Falling Apples...  

Once, an owner of an apple orchard came to Rabbi Shalom to tell him that his apples fall before their time. When he came there, he first met the rabbanit to ask her to plead his case before R' Shalom. Together with the man, she came up to R' Shalom and asked him to bless the man that his apples won't fall off. And so it was, that from then on, the apples stopped falling off.   When the season came the man went to shake his trees so that the apples would fall off, but they did not fall because Rabbi Shalom ordered it. The man had to travel again to Belz to ask R' Shalom to let the apples fall. Again the rabbanit Malka intervened  and asked R' Shalom to bless the apples to fall off, and they did... 

Rabbi Shalom cried a lot after his wife passed away.

May the merit of the tzaddeket Rabbanit Malka of Belza  protect us all, Amen.


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