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20****Rabbi Eliezer of Azipalia

Rabbi Eliezer of Azipalia

Born: Stretin, Poland

Died: Poland 1865

Chassidic leader, son of the tzaddik Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Stretin (who was the foremost student of the famous Chassidic rabbi, Rabbi Uri of Strelisk).

Rabbi Yehudah Tzvi of Stretin had four righteous sons, whom he said were the incarnations of  King David's Warriors. He said about his son Eliezer, that he performs his spiritual work with a great degree of concealment and modesty that even fools Satan.

Like his father, Rabbi Eliezer prayed and sang with tremendous joy. He showed great deal of love, towards all Jews, never displayed anger, and distributed a great amounts of money for charity. He was known as a man of miracles and wonders.

Rabbi Eliezer left behind two sons, Rabbi Nachum of Burstein and Rabbi Uri of Stanislav. 

May the merit of the tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer of Azipalia protect us all, Amen.


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