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10****Rabbi 'Don' Yitzchak Abarbanel

Rabbi 'Don'  Yitzchak Abarbanel

Born: Lisbon , Portugal, 1437

Died: Padua, Italy, 1508                                                                                     

Philosopher and Biblical commentator, at the time of the Spanish expulsion.(1492)

 A scion of the House of King David, Rabbi Yitzchak was a disciple of Rabbi Yosef Chayun.

   King Alfonso V of Portugal recognized his great capabilities and appointed him minister of the treasury. He fled Portugal for Castile when the king suspected him of complicity in an insurrection against him. King Ferdinand of Castile appointed him minister of finance, a post which he held until the Jews of Spain were expelled from that country(9 Av 5252, 1492).

 The title 'Don' (HaSar) was conferred on him when he served as a minister of finance in the Spanish government. Abarbanel joined the refugees despite the entreaties of the king and queen that he stay on.

   In addition to his major work, a commentary to Torah and Prophets, he composed a commentary on the book of Daniel, Mayenei HaYeshua, and two books about the advent of the Messiah Mashmia Yeshuah & Yeshuat Meshicho. These and his many other works rank him among the classical Jewish Bible commentators and thinkers. Abarbanel attacks Christian theology in his writings, a feat which in his days was very dangerous.

May the merit of the tzaddik  Rabbi 'Don'  Yitzchak Abarbanel protect us all, Amen.


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